Three siblings: Viktoria, Mathias, and Leonhard, based in the Eastern Weinviertel. Their father teaches viticulture in Klosterneuburg. Initially, the vineyards were just a hobby, and each of them chased other dreams.
However, after a turning point they gradually became involved starting in 2017, undertaking internships all over the world to be ready to take over with a focus on organic farming and rich biodiversity within their vineyards. They pursue their vision with a lot of energy and drive.
The soils are characterised by chalky loam, calcareous loess, and sand. The climate is warm during the day and cool at night, resulting in wines with brilliant acidity, minerality, purity, and delicacy.
They also share their father's passion for sparkling wine, particularly Champagne. This passion is reflected in their winemaking. Extended ageing on the lees, ample resting time, utilising the méthode traditionnelle, hand-riddled – a wonderful revelation!


The Weinviertel consists of a multitude of widely scattered wine-growing areas, situated 200-250 meters above sea level, in the northern region of the Danube. This hilly landscape extends from the Manhartsberg in the west to the border of Slovakia in the east, with the Czech Republic forming its northern border.
The region boasts a diverse range of soil types, with prevailing loess, clay, and bedrock.
The climate is characterized as continental, with a Pannonian impact in the eastern part. Grüner Veltliner, Pinot Blanc, Riesling, and Pinot Noir all thrive exceptionally well in this area.