Gergö and his father Miklós started Filep Wines in 2013 and currently work on two hectares of vineyards around the villages Tállya and Rátka. Their vineyards are considered among the best in the region. Gergö studied oenology at Corvinus University in Budapest and gained experience by working for wineries abroad and through his role as Head Winemaker in Tokaj before he started this project.
His father, Miklós, is a professor of biology, geography, and geology, bringing not only his extensive knowledge but also his "non-winemaker" approach to the table, which enriches the creativity of this team.
Gergö and Miklós focus on producing dry wines which best reflect the splendid terroir, characterised by volcanic soils. Fermentation and maturation takes place in used oak casks. The wines are given the time they need to showcase their rich and complex flavours, with a brilliant acidity that imparts freshness and minerality.


The Tokaj wine-growing region is situated in the northeastern part of Hungary, nestled at the foothills of the Zemplén mountain range, primarily to the south and southeast.
These mountains shield Tokaj’s vineyards from the cold northern winds, while the lowlands of the south welcome the flow of warm continental air, creating a balanced climate.
Additionally, the region benefits from the presence of the rivers Bodrog and Hernád. The area is characterised by numerous volcanic hills, resulting in a wide variety of soils, including volcanic stones, often covered or mixed with varying degrees of clay and loess.
Historically, Tokaj was renowned for its sweet wines, particularly during the 18th and 19th centuries.
However, in recent times, it has also gained recognition for producing vibrant dry wines made from Furmint and Hárslevelű grapes.