It all began in 2019 in a studio in Berlin when Yannic (photography), Walker (painting), and Felix (graphic design) started experimenting with SCOBY - Symbiotic Cultures of Bacteria and Yeasts - along with infusions, laying the foundation for Bouche. Next, they developed their own starter culture and acquired closed stainless steel fermentation tanks to craft aromatic and complex Kombuchas.
The starter culture consists of the fundamental Kombucha ingredients, such as black and green tea and beet sugar from Germany, but in a more concentrated form and without a SCOBY in it which looks like a gelatinous cellulose bunch.
Together with filtered water, fresh green and black teas, and beet sugar, the starter initiates the closed fermentation process within the tanks.
Yeasts and bacteria convert the sugar into alcohol and bubbles, while also producing acid and lactic acid in the further course of the fermentation process.
For deeper aroma and complexity they developed a maceration process using various hops, bergamot, wood and fruit.
Bouche drinks are all non-alcoholic and unpasteurized, making them lively beverages as the microorganisms remain alive and continue their activity when stored at room temperature or after opening. When refrigerated, they simply slow down their activity. That's what makes these drinks so exciting.