Technique is their distinguishing factor, and fermentation serves as their fundamental basis for their approach - an obsession to develop flavours and craft blends filled with funk and complexity. Following his tenure as a distiller at the innovative Empirical Spirits distillery in Denmark, Murray Paterson established Muri. Later, Ioakeim Goulidis joined the team after his time at the NOMA Fermentation Lab.
Inspired by Copenhagen's gastronomic community, known for its remarkable fermentation expertise, they view Muri Drinks as a progressive take on traditional wine pairings. Driven by a commitment to quality, they explore the nearby Danish forests foraging for herbs, botanicals, fruits, and grains, while collaborating with small-scale farmers.
In their beverages they use special yeasts, sourdough starter and kefir grains as separate cultures rather than just make an infusion. Lacto Fermentation, carbonic maceration, and wood smoking are techniques they use to highlight flavours and texture.
Very special drinks with low alcohol.