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Muri Drinks



This unique blend offers a delightful alternative to red wine, boasting minimal alcohol content.
Crafted from a kombucha of Blackcurrant Pomace, Redcurrant Juice, Sloe Berries, and Keemun Tea, along with Chamomile Kefir and Fig Leaf & Pine Kvass, it's a true artisanal creation.
The result is a drink that's fresh and complex, featuring a blend of juicy red berries and subtle herbal notes. Its gentle tannins and light acidity make it a refreshing choice.
To fully savor its nuances, serve it chilled in white wine glasses. Once opened, it's best stored in the fridge and enjoyed within 2 days for optimal freshness.
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Variety: Blackcurrant Pomace, Redcurrant Juice, Sloe Berries, Yeast (Pichia Kluyveri), Keemun Tea, Supernatant Oak Kombucha, Chamomile Kefir, Fig Leaf & Pine Kvass
Origin: Copenhagen, Denmark
Climate: n/a
Soil: n/a
Altitude: n/a
Vineyard: n/a
Farming: near-natural and sustainable
Maturation: n/a
Bottler: Muri Drinks, Kattegatvej 53, 2100 Copenhagen, Denmark
Added Sulphur: n/a
Filtration: n/a
Storage Life: drink it now!
Alc.% vol.: <0,5
Allergenes: contains gluten and may contains sulfites
Sugar level: 40 - 50 g/L
Disgorgement: n/a