Filipa was raised in a family of winemakers, surrounded by Baga and other native grape varieties of Bairrada. After earning a degree as a chemical engineer and refining her winemaking skills through stays in France, Argentina, and Australia, she now creates exceptionally unique and authentic wines together with her husband, William Wouters, an award-winning Sommelier and Chef from Antwerp.
Besides Baga they focus on biodynamic viticulture and indigenous grape varieties such as Bical, Arinto, Cercial, and Maria Gomes. These grapes flourish in soils known as "barros," characterised by Jurassic limestone. As a result, their wines are fresh, pure, multi-layered and elegant - “wines without make-up”!


Bairrada is located in the South of Porto, near the Atlantic Ocean, featuring a cool, maritime climate with plenty of rainfall. The hilly landscape extends eastwards to the granite hills of the Dão wine region, offering diverse and expressive terroirs.
However, the predominant soil type in Bairrada is chalky clay, which lends the region its name. The red Baga variety dominates the vineyards and give rise to elegant, fresh and full-bodied wines.
In addition to red Baga, two white indigenous white grape varieties, Bical and Arinto, also play a vital role in this area. Bairrada is renowned for its sparkling wines made from the Bical grape.