In 2012, Philipp Kettern from Piesport had the chance to meet the legendary Dirk van der Nieport from Porto during a wine tasting event in the Caribbean. Dirk has always been passionate about fine Rieslings from the Mosel, which led to the idea of producing wines like in the old days - with longer maturation time within oak casks. Dirk's son Daniel also joined the project, and eventually, Fio Wines came to life.
The grapes are handpicked and come from the steep slate slopes around Piesport. They ferment slowly and spontaneously in 1,000-liter Fuder casks, where they also mature for some time. From this gentle maturation, wines emerge that are full of density, depth, and strength, with a spectacular vitality. This tension is the common thread of Fio Wines, making them truly special.


The Mosel wine-growing region stretches for 240 kilometers between its source in the Vosges Mountains at the Luxembourg border and Koblenz, where it joins the Rhine. It encompasses both sides of the Mosel river and its tributaries, the Saar and Ruwer.
This region is the oldest wine-growing area in Germany, established by the Romans in the fourth century AD. It is renowned as the home of the world-famous Riesling vines, which flourish in a unique terroir. This distinction is owed to the 400-million-year-old slate rock that forms steep slopes, some with gradients of up to 68%.
The river valleys create a protected microclimate that makes the Mosel one of the warmest regions in Germany. While the most renowned sites face south, the impact of climate change is causing north-facing sites to gain increasing significance, producing wines with distinctive elegance and finesse.