Nils is a newcomer to the wine scene, currently completing his studies in viticulture at Geisenheim. He owns small parcels of just 12 ares on steep slopes in Hoheneck/Ludwigsburg, situated at the Obererberg site in Württemberg. These vineyards are home to Riesling vines, some of which are up to 60 years old, flourishing on Muschelkalk soil. All the vineyard and cellar work is meticulously done by hand.
In his spare time, Nils works on other vineyards, drawing inspiration from his experiences in Germany, Austria and France. He constantly incorporates this wealth of knowledge and experience into his work, allowing him to bring his unique ideas to life.
The Riesling vintage of 2021 marks his inaugural release, characterised by its remarkable vitality, finesse, and a touch of salinity.


The Württemberg wine-growing region is situated between Lake Constance (Bodensee) and the Tauber Valley. River valleys from Rems, Enz, Kocher and Jagst flow towards the Neckar, influencing the climatic and geographic conditions of the area.
Most of the vineyards are south-facing slopes, many of which are steep and terraced.
The predominant soil types are Keuper formations. In particular, the Muschelkalk soil found around the middle Neckar region gives rise to delicate and elegant Riesling wines.