Julien Sunier was born and raised in Burgundy. After spending several years working in wineries around the globe, he finally settled in Beaujolais. In 2008, he had the opportunity to buy old vineyards in Morgon, Fleurie, and Regnié, all featuring granitic soils and Gamay vines.
Today, he oversees 9 hectares of vineyards. The biodiversity within his vineyards and the fertility of the soils play a major role for him in creating truly unique wines that express their origin and terroir.
Julien matures his wines for 8 to 11 months in used Barriques (about 10 years old) sourced from Burgundy.
This approach results in the creation of beautifully subtle and delicate Gamay wines.


Beaujolais extends from the South of Mâcon in Burgundy to the northwest of Lyon. Officially, Beaujolais belongs to Burgundy, but not historically. This is why you won't come across Chardonnay and Pinot there, but almost exclusively Gamay, as this variety was banned in the 14th century from Burgundy for not being noble enough.
However, Gamay flourishes best on hard granite and volcanic soils, which you find in the northern part of this region in the ten esteemed Beaujolais Crus, including Fleurie, Morgon and Moulin-à-Vent, where the most fragrant and long-lasting wines arise.