Maxime Ullens de Schooten and his partner Anna from Brussels, launched the first champagne from their newly founded winery in 2019. Their Domaine de Marzilly is located in the northernmost part of Champagne, a little over 10 km from Reims, in Hermonville, within the Massif of Saint-Thierry, and encompasses 4 hectares of vineyards.
They place significant value on the highest quality, respect for nature, and sustainability. For their labels, they use glue based on natural rubber, organic colours, and recycled paper.
All of their champagnes are aged in 205-litre barrels, which is the traditional size in Champagne. The wood for their casks is sourced from trees in their own park surrounding the vineyards, and the casks are crafted by a local cooper.
Their champagne is distinctive, exciting, and inspiring - a sentiment you experience with every sip.


Champagne is situated approximately 150 kilometers southeast from Paris. Its heart is located around Reims, where almost all French sovereigns were crowned.
Reims is surrounded by a line of hills that rise from a plain crossed by the river Marne. The uniqueness of this area arises from the cool climate with maritime influences and the predominant limestone soil structure, which preserves the grapes’ freshness and vitality.
Among the seven grape varieties authorized for crafting Champagne, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay are the most prevalent. These grapes thrive on limestone and marl soils and are used to create both cuveés and varietals.
In recent times, an increasing number of small producers have emerged, creating authentic terroir wines that allow the grape variety, soil and vintage to express their unique origins.