JUPE WINE assembles various stylistics of carefully selected authentic and handcrafted wines, sparkling wines, and no or low-alcohol alternatives. All of them are unique, expressing their origin and are crafted by following certain principles. The foundation is biological or biodynamic viticulture with a strong focus on biodiversity in the vineyards for healthy vines and soils. This not only produces intensely aromatic grapes but also allows them to better face the perceptible impact of climate change. Old vines and the delicate aroma of their grapes are appreciated. Grapes are handpicked for the best selection and quality. Fermentation is spontaneous with wild yeasts, except for the second fermentation of sparkling wine, which may use biological, neutral yeast. No additives are used, and no or only a minimal amount of SO2 is used, with little to no filtration. This gentle vinification reveals unique aromas that express the terroir of each wine.

On a mission to help create a foundation for sustainable and future-proof viniculture, facing the perceptible impacts of climate change, we are putting emphasis on telling the story behind each wine and its maker to enhance global awareness for sustainable wine production.

JUPE WINE was founded in 2023 by Christoph Clausen:

"It is my belief that the kind of winemaking we are supporting is not only key for the highest quality of authentic wines but also for a future-proof viniculture."

In 2021, after a successful career in communication, sales, and consulting, Christoph took a year off to follow his affinity for handcrafted wine and agriculture and worked for a full vegetation period at MORIC (Roland Velich) in Lutzmannsburg/Burgenland/Austria. Focusing on Blaufränkisch and Grüner Veltliner he learned in depth what it takes to create wines that express their origin.

With a degree in political science, history, and philosophy, and a family background in agriculture, Christoph is eager to look beyond current methods and practices to develop better, more sustainable, and future-oriented holistic solutions.

Our online shop is on the track to be carbon positive.

All our print tools are FSC and Blauer Engel certified and are made with mineral oil-free bio printing ink.

We ship CO2-neutral with DHL GoGreen and our parcels are taped with natural rubber glue and paper.