A lightly sparkling, low in alcohol, elegant and complex bottled-aged Kombucha based on a very special tea. Located in the Basque Country, this is what the Ama Brewery founders Ramon Perisé and Dani Lasa (current and former Head of Research & Development of the two-star restaurant Mugaritz in San Sebastian) and their team, created.
The fermentation process is facilitated by SCOBY - the symbiotic culture of bacteria or yeast - which feeds on the infusion made of local mountain water, high-quality teas, herbs, and sugar.
The water comes from the Alzola spring, which takes 27 years from the Bay of Biscay through the Izarraitz Massif and is characterised by exceptionally low minerality due to this long filtration process through the rocks.
As a result, it highlights the complex flavours during fermentation. Tea and herbs are sourced from small-scale farmers who share their passion for the land and terroir and also employ sustainable and organic farming methods.
Teas are sourced from Malawi, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, and Japan. After one to three weeks, each micro-batch (only 280 bottles) will be bottled as soon as sugars, yeasts, and bacteria are in balance.
Due to the lack of air within the bottle, the bacteria starve and are unable to acidify the kombucha. Yeasts instead continue to convert the sugar into bubbles and alcohol. The Kombucha ages in bottles for a minimum of six months to intensify aromas, integrate the bubbles into the ferment, and harmonise flavours.
These liquids are true expressions of terroir and craftsmanship.