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This unique Kombucha is crafted from Milk Oolong tea sourced from Taiwan, lending it a refined character while providing a low-alcohol option.
It features distinct notes of caramel, milky tea, and cooked chestnuts, resulting in a rich and enticing flavor profile with fine bubbles and a round, full-bodied character.
To fully appreciate its complexity, serve it chilled in white wine glasses. Once opened, it's best to store it in the refrigerator and enjoy it as soon as possible to savor its full range of flavors and freshness.
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Variety: Milk Oolong Tea from Taiwan
Origin: Basque Country, Spain
Climate: n/a
Soil: n/a
Altitude: n/a
Vineyard: n/a
Farming: near-natural and sustainable
Maturation: 6 months on the bottle and will continue to improve with time, may age even further, for up to 3 years
Bottler: Ama Brewery, Calle Erregeoiana 2D, 20305 Irun, Spain
Added Sulphur: n/a
Filtration: n/a
Storage Life: drink it now or keep it up to three years
Alc.% vol.: 2,0
Allergenes: contains sulfites
Sugar level: 20 - 30 g/L
Disgorgement: n/a