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Muri Drinks

Passing Clouds

Passing Clouds

This sparkling drink is a delightful alternative to traditional sparkling wines, offering a low-alcohol option.
It's crafted from a blend of Gooseberry Wine, Quince Kefir, Jasmine Tea, and Geranium & Woodruff Kvass, resulting in a truly unique creation.
This blend is fresh, complex, and floral, with sparkling effervescence that is bright and lively due to its vibrant acidity.
To fully appreciate its nuances, it's best served chilled in white wine glasses. After opening, store it in the fridge and enjoy within 2 days to maintain its freshness and complexity.
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Variety: Gooseberry Wine, Quince Kefir, Jasmine Tea, Geranium & Woodruff Kvass
Origin: Copenhagen, Denmark
Climate: n/a
Soil: n/a
Altitude: n/a
Vineyard: n/a
Farming: near-natural and sustainable
Maturation: n/a
Bottler: Muri Drinks, Kattegatvej 53, 2100 Copenhagen, Denmark
Added Sulphur: n/a
Filtration: n/a
Storage Life: drink it now!
Alc.% vol.: <0,5
Allergenes: contains gluten and may contains sulfites
Sugar level: 40 - 50g/L
Disgorgement: n/a